关于月经的话题充满了民间传说和许多禁忌。宗教书籍还包括一些禁止性交的段落,以及在月经来潮时不洁净的仪式。随着时间的推移,社交媒体的使用已经融入到信仰中。人们的价值观使人们更加意识到他们正在使用的产品(Garg and Anand, 2015)。在最近的研究中,社交媒体的使用小型和大型企业营销女性日用品项目在亚洲已被用来作为主体的调查中,女性使用的产品改变了他们更清楚整个过程和不卫生的元素。社交媒体的使用点燃了她们的思想和观念,让女性顾客更加自觉。报告中包括了ICON公司,用于研究调查中使用的受访者。采用定性研究的方法进行研究。采访对象为卫生巾(仅)生产企业的10名受访者和部分当地居民,均为亚洲女性。在研究的最后提出了一些建议,这些建议可以被公司采纳,从而使他们的服务和产品,即卫生巾更容易被接受,并使他们的品牌成为最受欢迎的品牌。本篇assignment代写-社交媒体如何描述女性卫生管理的研究分析如下:

The Cambridge dictionary defines sanitary napkins as the material or piece of cloth that is soft and worn by women to absorb blood during her menstrual cycle or when she experiences blood flow every month (Dictionary, 2008). Tampon is defined in Oxford dictionary as a plug of soft material that is inserted into the vagina for the absorption of blood. The second meaning of tampon is that it is considered as the medicine which is plugged in the vagina to block an opening in the body and absorb blood secretions (Dictionary, 2007). There are numerous varieties of the products available in the Asia for the purpose. They are called sanitary pads, napkin, panty liners, tampons, and menstrual cups.
In the present world, millions of women are menstruating. For some it may pass almost unnoticed, while for others it may cause a lot of physical and mental problems. On the same line of thought, the current study was conducted to study the role of social media in daily necessities of Asian women in Taiwan as assessed by the small and medium enterprises. The use of the social media for advertising these menstrual products is the aim of this research Which is in the Taiwanese market but investigated on a set of Asian women. The data was analysed to understand how the sanitary pads, tampons, and moon cups enable the researchers of the present times to know which menstrual product is the most preferred among the three menstrual products. The role of social media is significant as it helps in making the decision of choosing the best and most used female hygiene products across the world. Hence, this study was carried out to understand the same and also highlight other important issues that surround the female hygiene management (Martini, 2012).
1.2 Research Aims and Contribution
To perform the study, the researcher had included qualitative procedure for understanding the viewpoint of the Asian women. There would be 10 respondents interviewed for performing the current research that included chief executive officer of ICON Company in Taiwan along with 9 Asian female customers. The interview questions were self-devised which contained questions to assist in understanding the role of social media in small and medium enterprises to deal with the female daily necessities in Asia.
Research Objectives are as follows:
1. To identify how social media depicts the female hygiene management
2. To investigate how social media contributes in influencing the choices of women to choose alternate brands
3. To analyse how social media advertises the tampon wear time practices in adults and teens
4. To understand how social media motivates the female consumers to buy their daily needs products

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