Before venturing about ecofeminism, there is a need to analyse the nuances of ecofeminism and its varied definitions. It has been observed that the notions of ecofeminism are found to vary across the different cultures and across the different political spectrum. In this scenarios, there is a need to analyse the fundamental definitions of ecofeminism and the ideologies behind ecofeminism to understand its relevance in the modern society.

Mayer 1994 defines ecofeminism as “a sensibility, an intimation, that feminist concerns run parallel to. are bound up with, or, perhaps, are one with concern for a natural world which has been subjected to the same abuse and ambivalent behavior as have women.” Another definition of ecofeminism is that it serves as a amalgamation point between the historical, experimental, symbolic and theoretical domination of women and nature. There is a fundamental relationship between women and nature. There is a need to understand the underlying assumption to gain awareness of the importance of ecofeminist ideologies. It primarily advocates for the withdrawing of the male dominance and also challenges the notions of restriction of women authority (Mayer, 1994, pp 6). It fundamentally operates on the paradigm that the women have a more intimate relationship with nature as they are basically the nurturers (Mayer, 1994, pp 6). Hobgood-Oster (2016) states that the ideology of ecofeminism is multi-faceted and multi-located, challenging structures rather than individuals. There is a need to address the issues in patriarchy and ecofeminism to broaden the scope of the culture and the critique the exiting paradigms. By confronting the ideologies of feminism and ecological perspectives, there can be a extremely varied perception of reality. It is a complex system that is often conformed according to the political and social stances of the soceitues. Ecofeminism questions the existing ideologies and morphs according to the newer shifting paradigm ideologies of the societies (Hobgood-Oster, 2016). In a way, ecofeminism is a fluid concept that enables the people to consider the radically diverse persepctives about the various issues surrounding the environment.

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