The creature Zoozoo itself is the advantage for the brand. It has successfully increased the customers of Vodafone by a large numbers. This has led to the creation of a great marketplace for Vodafone and has helped this UK Based company to get a niche over other companies. The strength of the Zoozoo advertisement is that it is a unique and an innovative advertisement strategy which has been widely accepted by the people. The people are getting emotionally connected to the Zoozoo ad. A yet another advantage or strength is that the Zoozoo advertisement is known for its expressiveness and simplicity. Usually the companies try to get the attraction of the crowd with the help of the celebrities, but zoozoo itself has become a celebrity because of its mass appeal and the difference.

One of the weakness which may be generated because of the advertisement is that it has led to the creation of the feeling of suspicion among the minds of the people in the rural areas. They may feel that the ad is majorly meant for the people who lives in urban areas. Also, some of the advertisements aren’t very much easier to understand because there is no voice expressions in them (Gaikar, 2013) Thereby, it may be difficult for some of the people to understand the advertisements unless they concentrate the same.

The zoozoo advertisement by Vodafone has been able to give a break to the common traditional and the conventional methods which are generally used for the purpose of advertising in the present world. It had given a message to the number of companies in the world that one can deliver a successful advertisement even without any celebrity. Thus, it has led to the change in the conventional ways in which the advertisers generally think. This kind of strategy of advertising may lead to the huge savings for the companies. Therefore, this concept is cost beneficial for the companies as they can get the services at a lower cost. Many other companies may also find an opportunity to advertise their product or services in the non-conventional manner which incur less cost and assure huge popularity for them.

The advertisement of zoozoo has led to make a huge popularity of zoozoo and not the product. Though the people know the product as it’s the ad for them, but it’s clear that the people are much more interested in the zoozoo. They love to enjoy the zoozoo ads on television. There may be a number of people who may be a huge fan of zoozoo but not of Vodafone. Thus, it can be said that because of the zoozoo advertisement the people have become a fan off zoozoo brand rather than the brand Vodafone.

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