波士顿论文代写-回收利用建筑物是环保的好方法。在当今世界,重点已经从建造新建筑,转移到更好的旧或现有的建筑。这是为了确保建筑物的遗产或历史价值的保存。近年来,各国政府在节能和提高可再生能源的同时减少碳排放的政策上进行了投资。此外,近年来,消费者更注重各式各样的文物建筑,吸引他们到特定的旅游景点。同样,建筑的再利用对国家来说也很重要,因为它主要有助于可持续发展的概念。Francesco和Levy(2008,72 -87)的一项研究中描述了这一点,他们认为可持续发展是环境目标与社会和商业目标的结合。这突出表明,对于一个国家来说,经济繁荣、社会进步和环境保护这三个方面都具有十分重要的意义。因此,这些建筑被称为环保建筑。

It would be true to say that the consciousness of the environmental issues amongst the business entities is becoming more important and it enhances the environmental performance of the organizations. In the bid to make the recycling of the buildings more environment friendly, the companies are adopting the green building system wherein they have the considerable effect on the consumption of energy through usage of the environment in the New Zealand region.
The less usage of the resources such as water aids in the reduction of the operational costs of the business. The role of management is significant in the concept of sustainability (Slović and Petrović 2011). That is, once the systems are designed properly then management aids by contributing to the purpose of enhancing the building’s environmental performance.
In the recycling of the buildings, many industrial materials are replaced with the non-renewable materials which benefit the environment, on the whole. For instance, there is reduced usage of energy and pollution that is generated through these activities and when the coal fly ash is replaced with the Portland cement, then it saves the energy and greenhouse gas emissions that are related with the cement usage. The use of the industrial materials such as material used for disposal facilities saves the landfill space and it further helps in the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions and inclusion of other pollutants (Winkler 2010). In the light of the economic benefits associated with the recycling of the buildings, it is observed that though the recycling of the buildings makes use of less material, it aids in the generation of more employment opportunities. It has the greater multiplier effect within the societies and particularly in the local market, the requirement is high. This is also shown in the study conducted by Moe and Chubb (2009), that the economy which has intensive labour force and less materials used, then it is considered as a greener economy. Therefore, on the basis of the above points, it is recommended that it is always good to recycle the existing buildings than to remove them.

This is to ensure that the existing building development in the local communities is considered as an important step for the countries which seek for smart growth and consistent urban development. In the study of Rypkema (2007), he stated that the environmentally conscious builders when make the decision of demolishing the buildings then this decision negatively hits the economy three times more. Therefore, the new buildings require more investments in terms of use of energy consumptive material such as plastic, steel and aluminium which may only last for another 40 years. Therefore, the concept of preserving the heritage sites is considered as the ultimate decision by the developers of the buildings because it aids in the achievement of the goal of sustainable development. It is considered as an asset for the present and future generations to enjoy. It seeks to extend the life of the buildings in an efficient manner which comprises of recycling them to be employed for alternate uses whenever required.
Hence, it would be true to say that recycling of the buildings is considered more important because it is required for upgrading the quality of the environment. In the social sense, the preservation of the heritage sites is considered as important because it creates a sense of place and assists in educating the people about their social identity. Thus, the recycling of the buildings adds onto the social capital of the country. In the light of the economic benefits, the recycling of the heritage sites benefits by promoting the heritage tourism of the country and enhances the rate of the retention of the tourists (Rypkema 2007).

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