博士论文代写-定量研究方法。定量研究方法是一种以数据收集和分析为重点,以可量化的形式为重点的研究方法。如Blaxter et al.(1996)所述,定量研究关注的是本质上是数值的数据分析,以及可以收集到的与特定事实相关的数据分析。目前的研究试图了解在用户原创内容的背景下,YouTube对消费者态度和购买行为意向的不同因果关系。该研究满足以下典型定量研究的质量。当相关关系被检查时,寻找数据的事实确实是可以量化的。接下来论文范文博士论文代写-定量研究方法分享给留学生阅读。

The quantitative research methodology has been used here. The quantitative research methodology is one that is focused on data collection and analysis with focus on the quantifiable forms . As Blaxter et al. (1996) present, quantitative research concerns itself with data analysis that is numerical in nature and that which can be collected pertaining to specific facts. The current research seeks to understand different causal relations in the context of UGC with respect to YouTube that has an impact on consumer attitude and behavioural intentions towards purchase. The research satisfies the qualities of a typical quantitative research such as the following. The facts for which data is sought are indeed quantifiable as correlations are checked.
This research is deductive in nature. A deductive research is one where the theory will be tested by means of hypothesis development. The current work makes use of this hypothesis development. The deductive approach will not concern itself with any new emerging trends from data sets, but merely collect and make use of the data sets for proving the hypothesis . This form of hypothesis proving approach is useful for generalizations. However, an important limitation of quantitative research is that the testing of theories is useful for proving them, but they cannot be improved. Improvement happens only when the research is open for criticism and can include subjective and objective opinions; however, this occurs only in qualitative research (Punch, 2013; Fellows, and Liu, 2015). For instance, in the current work, the existing theory on a subject is tested and for this purpose answers on questions related to the subject of investigation is obtained from the participants, however participant answers in themselves are not collected in an open style, so as to suggest improvements for the theory being tested.

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