Although the abstract art has not originated from China, the country still possesses the strongest tradition and has spread the pure essence of abstract art. The history of Chinese art included song painting, late Qing art, Yuan painting, contemporary art and visual art (Rawson and Jessica, 2007).
In the present times, the abstract art has become much more alive and popular in different parts of China. There have been a large number of exhibitions which have been coming in the nation one after another. The abstract art had been published in the number of exhibitions and there had been a number of publications related to the same.
Though, there were some of the problems with the abstract art movement. Firstly, with abstract art, it was difficult to do the reality predicament of formalism. The abstract art was actually not the kind of genre which had actually finished its historic mission. Abstraction is a very important and a basic language which is used by human beings in order to know the world and express different ideas. Though, according to the theoretical concept, there may be no limit to the exploration of different languages in the visual forms, but in general, it may not be possible to ensure that all the explorations are unique, aesthetically valuable and bears excellence. At present, the Chinese abstract art is very limited and has not been developed completely. In general, the world abstract is much deeper than what it has actually been developed in China at present. Another problem with the abstract art is, it may be impacted with the dangers such as commercialization and vulgarization. This may be possible when the abstract art forms will enter the market and would become the interest of the middle class. Because of the commercialization of the same, there will be loss of the conservative spirit.
Few other notable figures that were known for their abstract works include Chen Chuangluo, Xu Longsen, Li Shan, Zhang Jianjun and Yu Jiyong. Shanghai Artist Ding Yi had accomplished his work and expressed the utmost purity during 1980s (Xu, 2012). Abstract art underwent a slight variation or even a version where Shanghai abstract art has become extremely popular and also the trend in 1990s. This included aesthetic features including calmness, lucidity, delicacy, fashion and culture (Sullivan and Michael 1999, 712).

The art market and museums in China today demonstrate exceptional works of abstract arts from renowned artists who have given a new version to the nature and essence of work. Further, it is believed that this form of art will expand to multiple versions in the near future. Chinese abstraction is also commonly seen in the interior as well as exterior environments, and these show the matured mindsets of people to accept and express the aesthetics of China.

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