本篇代写价格-《精灵宝可梦Go》游戏确定潜在的玩家群体,《精灵宝可梦Go》游戏无疑是一个非常好的想法,它旨在促进运动、社交互动和旅行。这已经成为父母和社会普遍关注的一个严重问题,孩子和青少年已经被注意到采用反社会的趋势,这使得许多智能手机用户严重沉迷于他们的手机,并避免社交活动。虽然对游戏的需求持续增长,但重要的是要了解,玩家对游戏的访问方式是不同的,这取决于他们的年龄、性别、可用性或对允许玩游戏的小工具的访问(Brock, 2016)。随着人们对智能手机成瘾问题的日益关注,许多家长不再为孩子们提供智能手机,而是为他们提供只提供通话和短信功能的传统移动设备。

This is a factor also being observed among working professionals where many employers are also requesting employees to leave their smart phones at the locker and only have an ordinary mobile device on their desk to help reduce the distractions caused by the multiple applications viable today. While the number of potential players should technically be increasing due to the increasing number of a smart phone in the market, the devices accessing the internet and games use is actually on the decline. This is due to every hobby delivering certain peak after which the game grows monotonous and the players move on to seek new thrills. This limits the games to securing a certain number of players over a fixed period of time after which the players are likely to lose interest and move on to newer games and hobbies. On a positive note, it is important to understand that the number of players accessing and playing Pokémon Go is likely to remain stable and gradually decline over time. At present the game is expected to continue registering a rapid increase in the number of players from all age groups as the game is still new and now released in many countries.
Many game players also avoid installing apk files directly to their device due to the fear of their security being compromised thus a large proportion of potential players are siding on the sidelines and waiting for the game to be released in their nation on official websites like Google play store and the store which authenticate the security and safety of the applications. Never the less the largest groups of players for any game has been identified to be between 10 and 21 which are the ages when many youngsters don’t have responsibilities, delusional and lack focus due to being teenagers and experiencing adolescence. It’s also a critical stage when the games and technologies can also help build or break their future and career since it will determine their focus towards life and their career. But it’s also an age when they are experiencing change and require some freedom to explore and decide on the interests. This player group also remains stable since newer generation continues replacing the older ones leaving it on the game developers to upgrade the Pokémon go game which will ensure the game delivers the desired interest to its players.

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