Roman History
Rome is considered to be one of the most ancient cities and have several archaeological highlights about its formation. There are several documentations pertaining to the foundation of Rome and several myths associated with it regarding the formation which is mainly based on the works of Virgil or Livy. However the origination of Rome is still a mystery which is presently only based on few facts, fiction and several other educated guesses. Rome is considered to be founded around 1500 BC which was mainly by the Latins and the Sabines (Mommsen, pp. 152).
Founding History

However, there were two kings Romulus and Remus who are considered to be founders of Rome. It is also speculated that with the quarrel between the two brothers, Remus died and Romulus became the undisputed king of the new city of Rome. There are other legends also which claim that the city was named after Roma who travelled with Aeneas along with other survivors of the war of Troy and settled for a short time on the bank of Tiber River, but then she refused to go with others and led the women of the Trojan survivors and formed the city of Rome (Fornara, pp. 23).