通过本篇代写论文的网站-食品零售业的状况分析可以看到,自2014年以来,食品零售业的状况一直颇具挑战性,因为这一年食品通胀和通缩都在加剧。截至2017年,问题的核心仍然是工资和就业形势。经济衰退的情况有所改善。虽然消费者有更多的钱在他们的口袋里,这并不意味着他们浪费食物。正如一份媒体报道所述,“家庭现在有了到处购物的习惯,并通过烹饪剩菜来减少食物浪费。”这些东西不会因为顾客口袋里多了一些钱而消失”(Farrell, 2014, para。消费者变得越来越精明,他们想要物有所值,但他们也不愿意在质量上妥协。这可以从他们在多家商店购物的方式中观察到,一些基于他们的价格偏好,一些基于质量偏好。除了尽量充分利用剩菜外,消费者还注重健康饮食。接下来有关代写论文的网站-食品零售业的状况分析如下:

n the growing advent of grocery retail competition, the dominant four large grocery retailers in the United Kingdom are facing intense pressure to work on a future strategy that would help retain their consumer segments. Price was cited as a competitive factor. However, over time, it is understood that there is much more to the competition than just price.
This report focuses on the changes happening in the UK retail market. The multiple aspects of the macroenvironment such as the political, economic, social and technological factors are discussed here. The major Brexit change has made many industries take note of where they stand in the future. Secondly, the main competition in the report are identified, followed by a detailed discussion on the consumer.
The second part of the report is focused on the retailer. Sainsbury strategy needs improvement in many ends and recommendations are made based on the same.

Conditions from the food retail sector have been challenging since 2014, as the year saw increasing food inflation and deflation as well. As of 2017, the core of the problem remains wages and employment situation. The economic recession times have improved. Although consumers have more money in their pockets, it does not mean they waste food. As a media report states, “households were now in the habit of shopping around and reducing their food waste by cooking leftovers. These are things that won’t go away just because customers have a little bit more money in their pockets” (Farrell, 2014, para. 4). Consumers have become more savvy as they want value for money but they are not willing to compromise on quality either. This is observed in the way they shop around from multiple shops, some based on their price preference and some based on the quality preference. In addition to trying to make the most of their purchase as in using leftovers, the consumers are also focused on healthy eating as well.

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