槍支管制和攜帶武器的權利是一個有爭議的政治問題。意識形態兩派的人都有很強的觀點。即使在社會上發生大規模槍擊事件也沒有改變人們的理想。呼籲聯邦禁令和隨後的改革仍然難以捉摸(斯皮策,2015)。即使是2012年桑迪胡克小學(Sandy Hook elementary)的影響,也未能在這個問題上達成共識。顯然,在實施槍支爭議方面存在不足。接下來有關代寫論文費用-槍支管制的關鍵分析如下:

The main benefit that is touted to be associated with the gun control is that there is more probability to reduce the gun related death. The people state that the amount of people having access to the right to bear arms will not be impacted. However, by limiting access the people can be deterred to buy a gun. The majority of the mass murders in the recent times is owing to the use of legal weapons. These can be reduced by the use of gun control. The refuting argument that is made in this paradigm is that a mass murderer would kill irrespective of the events and that it would impede the self-defense of the people. Nevertheless, the use of reasonable gun control would prevent people from gaining access to weapons. Sandy Hook elementary shooting was an event that had occurred owing to the fact that a mentally unstable person gained access to a gun (Eller, 2016). These mass murders could have been prevented if the people did not have access to the guns.
Another fear of the people is that this would essentially take the power from the people and give criminals more leverage. This process would increase the buying of illegal guns and the people having access to these guns would be impeded. In this schema, it is important to factor in that the guns are not being banned for sales.
People fear a hostile takeover from the government. 80% of the gun owners feel much safer in their own homes owing to the guns. Some of the countries with the stringent gun control laws have highest levels of crimes. Added to this there are 270 million firearms in the city. The people fear corrupted politicians would remove their power and control them. The people simply do not trust the government to make a determination. There would be increase in the animosity of the people. They do not want comprehensive background checks for fear of retribution from the government. The opponents to this statement state that having more education and awareness of the issues is enough to deter the people from committing crimes. However, the aim of the gun control is to prevent people from having access to easy weapons. The government does not want to limit the control of the guns nor control the people. The ultimate power of the democracy lies within the people (Woldoff, Litchfield, and Sycafoose 2016). They need to trust their elected representative or select the person who is appropriate for the job. Better communication and reasonable practices needs to be in place for the people to address the issues. These would prevent the people from committing crimes and also enable that responsible adults will have access to the gun. The main issue that needs to be addressed is the lack of communication between people and the government. Their fears need to be alleviated in order to bring in common sense approaches. The people need to trust that the government does not want to ban guns and ensure that there are common sense gun laws to prevent mass murders in the future.
The government cannot prevent all gun related crimes. Nevertheless, they can include more safety precautions to reduce such incidents. By having gun control and not bans in place the access to weapons can be reduced in this schema.

It cannot be refuted that the person who wants to commit crime cannot be deterred. They will continue to act on their impulses. The purpose of gun control is to deter the people from the crimes. By limiting access to the people there can be better addressing of the technology and the people as a whole will be benefitted. It would reduce the probability of crime rates. There is a need for more awareness and education within the society to prevent such crimes. 

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