Racism refers to the activity wherein people of one race, background and religion try to differentiate and form groups with each similar kind and ignore the others on some grounds of superiority. Racism has its wings being spread in the entire world. All humans are alike yet people have developed certain parameters based on the ethnicity, demography and the religion etc on the basis of which they are differentiating one person from another. It is a globally accepted problem that has to be addressed and attended at all levels and areas.

Racism has its roots very deep-rooted in the community where I have been living in. There are people in my community for whom the race, background and the ethnicity plays a great role rather than any other thing. They believe and respect the people based on their religion and race. This is a social issue in my community as the low caste and black people in my community remain deprived of even entering into the temple and worshiping god. The black people in my community are seen as if they have committed some kind of a crime and are boycotted by the entire society and community.

In case any person tries to even get human and help these people even the helper is discarded by entire community. As per the image given above, it is actually true for my community that the Racism is a social issue and it is 100 percent ignorance of the people for no reasons (Sidanius et al, 1992).