he microscopic analysis of the internal operations reveals that the company is facing more competitors. They need to build on their existing brand image and add more routes or destinations. The company has an effective organization that can meet more challenges. On a positive note for the 2015-2016 financial years, there was growth of more than 8%. The company was able to increase the capacity of the services. It has planned to offer more than 2 million domestic fares. The company is planning to face competition with American Airlines and is also looking to creation of direct airlines into the the United States. The staff for the fiscal year 2015 received bonuses. The pre-tax normalised earnings of the company were a huge 49 % that was reported to be $496 million. Statutory earnings were $474 million before tax and the net profit after tax was found to be $327 million. This is a 24 % growth for the company. The operating cash flow of the company was found to be $1.1 billion (Colvile, 2016). There was growth of 9.5 cents per share. These are all positive factors that are bound to bring in more investors into the company.

Air New Zealand has been successful in the past. They are posting profits in the current times. The company has a number of positive factors that have enabled in the growth. There is governmental support, increase in sales and a strong brand image for the company. There are some weaknesses such as the increasing fuel costs, rise in environmental concerns, increasing labor costs that prevent the company to bring in more sales. They need to focus on developing some of their internal infrastructure to meet the external demands. Rising terrorist concerns have also impeded the progress of the companies. Other than those, the threats that the company faces are the global warning, air pollutants and limited reserves of fuel. The company needs to expand into other nations to post more profit. As a young country, the needs of the people are found to change in the future. The company should understand this dynamics and develop a plan for the future. The issue with the PESTLE analysis is that it tends to look at the larger issues. There should be consideration of the internal operations and audit before developing an action plan for the future. To conclude, the company has been performing well in the current markets and they should focus on creating more changes to sustain in the future.

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