員工的需求在現代文明中變得更加多元化。許多成功的案例分析得出,金錢本身並不能成為激勵員工的驅動因素。像席恩德這樣的當代理論家強調創造職業道德的重要性,在這種職業道德中,員工會隨著公司的發展而投入情感。據觀察,只有在這種情況下,員工才會與公司建立起內在的聯系。當組織考慮到員工的無形情感時,生產力得到了提高(McGregor, 1960)。根據席恩的激勵理論,員工高度依賴於基於薪酬的組織。斯基恩說,使用這種模式,人們可以受到激勵,提高生產率(布魯斯&尼蘭,2011)。這被認為是提高員工生產力的一個重要方面。然而,對個體而言,動機因素的定義是主觀的(Bruce & Nyland, 2011)。基於這一理論,人力關系理論提出了利用激勵因素達到公司最終目標的重要性。接下來有關代寫論文-有關員工需求的案例分析供留學生們閱讀。

For this purpose case study analysis of different companies has been dicussed in the following
It was observed that in Trader Joe Company there was unique blend of pay, worker autonomy, and sensitivity by the management to the worker needs and recognition (Palmeri, 2008). They have developed a sort of hybrid model where classical notions and modern ideology has been considered.
When entering into Trade Joe retail store, the employees genuinely care for customer. It is reflected in their communications. Employees seem motivated, relaxed and try to fulfill their worker obligations (Lewis, 2005.). Personnel of the company are given a sense of autonomy to meet objectives. This company has an effective motivational theory in practice this has driven the employees to meet objectives and continue to progress. There are different forms of recognition by the management (Palmeri, 2008). The employees are also paid higher than the industry standards (Palmeri, 2008). Apart from salary the employees are given numerous fringe benefits. There is space for employee’s productivity and at the same times worker evaluation is conducted. This company is an example on how company can increase productivity by focussing on other intangible factors such as emotions, motivation and overall amicability.
Nucor Steel
Nucor steel is a steel manufacturing company. This industry in itself is considered to be monotonous and boring. However the employees of this particular company were found to have vested interest in development and productivity of the company. One exploring the reasons it was found that the company allowed employee more autonomy than their peers. If employee felt a certain aspect needs fixing they were given the space to fix the problem. There was a unique reward system (Gupta, & Govindarajan, 2000.) The company provided the workers with bonuses these were based on the productivity of the company. Employees were paid higher than their peers in other steel companies. There was space for the employees to voice their grievance. The management essentially cared for the welfare of the organization (Gupta, & Govindarajan, 2000.) In turn the employee also cared for the growth of the company. The management created this and it helped employees form real bind with the management of the company.
They simply ensured that the employees aligned themselves with the management of the company and their policies.

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