在本篇代寫論文-Zara過程改進策略分析中,Zara過程改進從來都不是一個確定的過程,而是一個持續的自我改進策略,以滿足顧客的期望。因此,過程改進和客戶期望在本質上是同步的,因為這兩種實踐相互尋求反饋,並為改進制定新的挑戰。過程改進是專門為滿足客戶期望而設計的;因此,客戶互動、客戶觀察和客戶識別是其存在的基礎(Kleindorfer, Singhal和Wassenhove, 2009)。客戶參與是在一個恒定的基礎上執行的,這也符合培訓的質量,使員工與互動的內容。對員工的培訓是另一種委派職責的方式,通常伴隨著員工和客戶的高效參與。這些過程為委員會提供了進行過程改進所需的所有資料,委員會負責執行改進工作。接下來有關代寫論文-Zara過程改進策略分析如下:

Process improvement is never a definitive process at Zara, but a consistent self-improvement strategy employed to meet customer expectations. Hence, process improvement and customer expectations are simultaneous in nature, in that both practices seek feedback from one another and formulate new challenges for improvement. Process improvement is particularly designed to meet customer expectations; hence customer interaction, customer observation, and customer identification are fundamental to its existence (Kleindorfer, Singhal and Wassenhove, 2009). Customer engagement is executed on a constant basis, which also corresponds to the quality of training that equips employees with the content of the interaction. Training of employee is another mode of delegating responsibilities, which often comes with productive engagement of employees and customers. These processes make all requisite information for process improvement ready at the disposal of the committee, entrusted with executing the improvement.

In order to cater to rapidly changing trends and shifting customer expectations, Zara inducted several new designers on a fixed and variable payroll basis. This was primarily to cater continuously changing design patterns that customer demanded. It has been able to build a large business on the foundation of multiple designers working on new trends on a regular basis, keeping in mind the regional, cultural differences and preferences of customers. Such motive led to the brand developing an image of being always “fresh” in its product categories. However, seen otherwise, such a brand attribute where customers always expect a surprise product every time they visit a Zara store can be detrimental if not paid attention to on a daily basis. Suppose the brand weakens in its designer hiring, owing to unsuitable external conditions such as political instability, bearish markets, distressed economic phase, the backlash from customers could be annoying and unprecedented. It also seems that Zara, in the race to become the best in its offerings and internal quality management, has made for itself a “confirmation bias”, which can deter it from its sustainable business goals. If the dominant beliefs and interpretations of customers about Zara remains unaddressed, the same quality that made its brand globally popular could be a spoilsport.

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