Volkswagen is the world second largest vehicle manufactory, VW occupy most of market share in vehicle market. In 2015, the biggest scandal of VW was exposed by EPA that VW’s diesel vehicle pas the emission test by using cheating soft, which means the emission of VW’s diesel vehicle is excessive and harmful for environment. After the scandal the global sales of VW drop off by two percent.
The existing literatures have explain that there are a positive relationship between brand’s credibility and consumer behaviour about brand reputation, brand trust/royalty and boycott attitude.
The current study investigate that New Zealand has a big penetration of VW’s diesel vehicles and a large number of those vehicles are affected by the emission scandal e.g. those vehicles’ emission are excessive and harmful for environment.
The research is aim to investigate the customers’ view of VW’s credibility before and after the emissions scandal. Ohanian’s source credibility scales will be used in this research to analysis the customers’ view of VW’s credibility.
The participants in research will contain people in Auckland and Wellington, both are the biggest city in north and south island. All participant in the research should be the person who know the emission scandal, otherwise, the answer of them will not be taken. Besides, the participants contain in this research should not have brand (especially vehicles brand) propensity, or their answer is valueless, because whether or not the scandal will not change their view of particular brands.

Sample group will be collected by printed questionnaire to people in the centre place in both cities. The sample requires a hundred valuable questionnaire (people who do not know the scandal, or have brand propensity will be data they provided will be valueless data) and 50 valuable required in each area. The time for the collection will continue for 100 valuable questionnaire completed.

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