The frame structures can have a large number of uses in some of the development structures. In the past researches, it has been found that there is a limit of strength which is in the channel section, as a result of the failure that may be by the bi-moment in the section. This can also be influenced by the bolt group. A large investigation has been carried out in this research in order to do the finite element modelling approaches for the prediction of the bolted moment connections, which may be between some of the cold formed members of the structures. Through the different numerical modelling which is done at different levels of complexity, the simulation of the cyclic displacement response of the curved flange channel sections has been done by the use of the XFEM method. The research has been carried out by using both the linear and the quadratic models and also by considering and comparing the shell elements. Through the research, the basic understanding of the bolted moment connections has been obtained by doing the explicit modelling of the bolted connections in the 3D Finite element models.
Also, the effective finite models are considered to be important in the assessment of the overall moment resistance of a typical column base. And it can be viably used by the engineers for the designing of the moment connections in case of cold formed steel.
Therefore, in this research paper, the discussion has been focussed on the different levels of complexities that may be used in order to have the response to the cyclic displacement which may be within the curved flange channels. It may be required to be bested. In addition to this, the research gives the complete analysis of the connection of different type of bolted moments with the help of the explicit 3D modelling. From the results, it has also been observed that there are different quadratic shell kind of elements which might be used for the purpose of analysis of the overall cyclic behaviour. It has been observed in the form of the cold formed steel moment in an accurate manner. The research also helped in improving the overall understanding which is related to the behaviour of the connections that are done in some of the sensitive areas in the world. Further, there is an extension of the models by using the XFEM method, in order to identify the crack generation and the process of the dissipation of energy during the times of the crack generation. There has been an investigation of the same by the use of the linear S4R, and also the quadratic S8R elements in the ABAQUS Software.

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