essay代写-美国高等教育的科学技术发展。在对发展的理解上,科学技术的迅速发展已经被理解为给美国社会带来了许多变化。科学理论已经发展成为支撑蓬勃发展的经济的力量,为计算机程序的生产、系统分析和宏观经济模型的开发提供了重要的保障(Masson et al., 2007;Bollier & Racine, 2005)。具有专业知识和技能的专家成为社会精英。在科学与经济快速发展的双重作用下,美国高等教育经历了快速扩张(Maffesoli, 1996)。

In the understanding of development, the rapid development of science and technology has been understood to have brought many changes for the American society. Scientific theories have developed into forces that support the booming economy, providing an important guarantee for production of computer programs, system analysis and development of macroeconomic model (Masson et al., 2007; Bollier & Racine, 2005). Experts having specialized knowledge and skills become the social elite. Under the double effects of science and the rapid development of economy, the higher education in the United States experienced the rapid expansion (Maffesoli, 1996). When higher education becomes the basic requirements of the technology and information society, it means that elite hegemony is someway which takes up the higher end of management. Higher education becomes a necessary condition for coming into the community. Correspondingly, it means that people are divided into two categories, which are highly educated elite and the people not having the university education (Muggleton, 2000).

The Elite is useful for the society and they enjoy the superiority of society. However, the people without higher education are superfluous and who are excluded from the mainstream and on the verge of being ignored and humble position. The black is the majority of the people not college-educated and there are some white people who are also under poverty and are struggling in the edge of the society (Baptiste, 2012; Luvaas, 2013). They do not have the economic capacity to go to college. This situation further exacerbated the gap between rich and poor, so as to racial conflicts between black and white. Some critics worried that the US will eventually suffer a socio-economic divide because of the huge social gap between them (Kawamura, 2012). It was a fact in such a situation that the United States had a vast majority of these marginalized people. It was in this marginalized population that street styles in fashion came to be. These changes planted the seeds for a variety of social movements in fashion. Many fashion trends were developed on the marginalized sect, the convenience and necessity of dressing a certain way came to be followed as a trend soon. Based on the above analysis, it can be concluded that the social environment provided the necessary conditions for the outbreak of cultural movement (Esposito, 2011; Bruce, and Daly, 2006).

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