The first question was to check the demographic of the student. The research is interested in identifying if the international student is motivated enough to volunteer for the East Africa Playground (EAP) and hence one of the primary questions is to understand if the student is an international student. 14 participants were queried for primary data and the researcher was able to identify that only two of the participants were international students who are from Malaysia and the rest are local. The use of social media has increased to such an extent business and profit based organizations are making use of the social media for their marketing purposes. Given this context the use of social media for the motivating international students could be understood better by finding out how students make use of the social media. For questions on how often the students use social media it was established that students who might use social media on an hourly basis are 8 out of 14 students which is 57 percent and students who use daily are 43 percent. Students either use daily or hourly and there are no weekly users identified. In terms of hours, students either indicate every 2 hours, 8 hours, 5 hours etc. The least possible use of social media (in terms of hourly use) was every hour use, and the longest duration was the 8-hour use. For the question on whether the user makes use of the social media for volunteer activities, about 8 of the students stated that they would and 6 of the students stated that they would not makes use of the social media for their volunteering activities. The form of social media that students might use will differ. Some of the main options given to students were that of Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Students selected Facebook as the main tool they use and only 2 of the students which is a 14 percent of the total selected Twitter as the social media form they use often.
The aim of the fifth question was to understand if the users believe they require mobile devices and other technology for staying connected to social media and if they are equipped with the same. For this all 14 of the students stated that they believe that they are equipped with the right technology for staying connected to social media. They hence have a continuous connection to social media. In terms of prior volunteer experience, around 13 students indicated they have done volunteering for some periods. Only one of the students did not have any form of prior volunteering experience.
Some of the students have prior volunteer experience; it could be with EPA or others. This question queries the students on whether they would volunteer with EAP if given a chance again, or if they would volunteer with EAP given the chance (assuming they have never volunteered or have volunteered elsewhere and not with EAP). Around 12 students stated that given a chance they would volunteer with EAP and most of their reasons on why they would volunteer are positive. They state it was a good experience that it was life changing and it was fun. Some believe that it helped them make a difference to the community etc.One of the students answered ‘No’ to question 7, they were queried as to why they said ‘No’. Options given to the students were that they had not heard of EAP, or that they have never been to Africa or that their friends were not interested. Of this the person answered that they have never been to Africa and hence were worried on how safe it would be to join as a volunteer with EAP.

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