The classified advertisement is very different from display advertisements. The biggest challenge is that of grouping and placing the advertisement at the correct location. The strategies for attracting classified advertising for both newspapers and websites that have been discussed are quite related to the display advertising only. One of the strategies discussed above is associated with days. The example of groceries advertising can be very well considered to develop such strategy.
The newspapers have dedicate each day of the week to a special category such as sports, economy etc. The advertisers for these sections can be placed dynamically as per there association with the news content. Further the best-selling day can be used to advertise all the sections of classified advertisement.
Such placement of advertisements dynamically can be employed very well in case of online platforms. The ‘Branded Communities’ suggestion discussed above can be very useful source for classified advertising. This is pepped as a way to attract advertisers and all the advertisers associated with such content can be placed at one place. Further the pages can be identified where the users find these advertisements to be relevant
The above discussion shows that advertising and increase in access, to a certain extent, are directly related. The primary source of revenue for the newspapers is subscription by users and advertisers. Hence, companies cannot neglect both considering both these factors. Some of the conclusions that can be drawn from the above discussion have been discussed below.
Firstly the newspapers will have to accept that online newspapers are a completely different segment. There is little significance or relevance of the articles of printed newspapers. The strategies and the content that is shown in the physical newspapers cannot be same as the electronic version of the newspaper. If the newspapers are only uploaded on the website, the online presence is considered to be containing inferior goods while the readers of physical papers will reduce. The electronic or internet based newspaper and physical newspapers will have to complement each other.
Secondly strategies can bring the print newspaper out of the issues that are there. Several strategies of several companies have been discussed in the report. The success of these companies in maintaining the readership has been highlighted in the report and can be considered by other newspaper agencies to implement the same.
Thirdly all the electronic media i.e. laptop, mobile phones and tablets have to be considered in the strategy. This is because the mobile phone users are growing and will soon be one of the prominent ways of accessing the online content. Thus developing strategies and products that can be implemented in these electronic goods can be quite beneficial. Further print newspaper must not be neglected and be part of such program.

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