费城论文代写-共同所有权是创造社会变革的方式之一。通过共同拥有,大多数资源可以得到安全的保护,或者应该突出地利用这些资源。为了实现可持续性,我们必须从过去的错误中吸取教训(Smith, 2017)。由于我们没有以最佳的方式利用许多资源,这可能在未来造成这种特殊资源的匮乏,我们将不得不管理我们的共同资源,通过管理共同资源,还将发展一些价值、规则和传统。这些价值观和规则将促使节约资源和最有效地利用资源,使每个人都应享受资源,不应剥夺任何人享受资源的权利。

The term “commons” can be described as an asset which is shared and has equal rights owned by a community. The common resources such as- water, knowledge, land, scientific research, minerals and software, are used to be shared as a common property rather than being dividing them in the names of some individuals. However, then again, these assets are mostly sealed off by either the private interests or by the state. These assets or commons have been treated as one of the other form of capital (Smith, 2017). Formation and conservation of commons have over and over again convoluted conflict among communities, social classes, individuals and species. The restoration of commons has excessive impending not only for dispense wealth, but also for transformation of the society.
Common ownership will aid for the use of our commons in prominent way to create a sustainable future. The commons` members try to manage and project the common resources, and through the duration of these practices, they build strong relationships with each other beside their resources (assets).
Land is one of the other resources which used to be belonging to no one or to everyone, up to now, it has been acquired by subgroups and this disregards other individuals from its enjoyment. The author proposed that the individuals who use the land solely should compensate a community land contribution as a reimbursement (Coote, 2017). By this way, sales and income tax can be replaced, land hoarding can be prevented and the price of the land can be brought down. The revenue collected from the reimbursement can aid to endow general basic income.
To save energy sources, some principles can be applied, in addition, auctions can be done for the right to turn out carbon by burning the fossil fuels. Earnings from the auction of the right can be used for endowment for public services and a conversion to clean energy. This will help to create sustainability in future as through auctioning a common pool can be created for short period and the usage of fossil fuel would be done in effective and efficient manner. In addition to this, individuals who desire to use sunlight or wind as an option to generate energy should be asked to make compensation as a community contribution and this earning can be used for funding the social services (Smith, 2017).

Non-renewable sources such as petroleum, coal, natural gas should be optimally utilized as we all know which these sources will not be available on this planet after a certain time period (Bocken & Short, 2014). These sources should be replaced by some renewable sources such as- electricity, as it can be produced through water and can be used again and again.
It is crucial to save our commons, so that all of us can encounter our necessities and flourish- at this moment and in upcoming period.

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