在个人陈述代写-《精灵宝可梦go》游戏的影响中可以看出, 《精灵宝可梦go》在游戏玩家中引起了相当大的兴趣,但从商业和营销的角度来看,与这款新游戏相关的“休与哭”不会持续太久。只有自然的游戏爱好者将被吸引到游戏由于它提供一个寻宝游戏设置在游戏世界是罕见的,但实际上随着人们参与,兴趣可能会失去和球员将逐渐回归传统的游戏不需要太多的活动。观察人们想法的心态不能仅仅通过提供一种新的游戏体验来改变,但只有当人们决定自己去追求改变时才能产生长期的影响。但同样重要的是明白口袋妖怪走了重要一步促进玩家的健康问题和游戏开发者还必须展示他们的奉献和关心对球员的健康通过鼓励类似游戏将玩家,并帮助他们与公众互动和社交是我们的天性被新的手持技术而中断。接下来有关个人陈述代写-《精灵宝可梦go》游戏的影响分享给大家阅读。

Pokémon Go has seen a frenzy of players attempting to play the game, with many even downloading unofficial versions of the game so as just to get the experience. This is just a natural desire for any person with a passion for gaming since the game delivers a different experience as compared to a traditional game. Compared by many to be similar to a modern technological treasure hunt, the players get to move around and hunt for Pokémon which allows them to gain more exposure and interact with the society as well as see more places (Pulsipher, 2012). The is no doubt that the game has stirred up a frenzy in the gaming world, but almost immediately pros and cons linked to the game can be identified leading the question the credibility and success of the game. To gain a beet perspective linked to Pokémon Go, it is vital that the Pros, Cons be considered after which one can critique the information to gain a clearer understanding on Pokémon goes future success Standings.

The above points clearly point to the Pokémon Go game having a limited number of players who will have the time on their hands to pursue the Pokémon. This is because one will need to move from one place to the next while checking their device and this will automatically result in breaching road safety which will increase the number of accidents that are caused as a direct result if using the game. This makes it important to analyses the games and its potential growth and development jib future which may be limited to thrill seekers who have the freedom and time to pursue the game which requires them to travel to play.

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