阿姆斯特丹著名了北方的威尼斯。这个名字是由于这个美丽的旧世界农业定居点,因为三个运河流经它。这三个的名字运河Keizersgracht,Herengracht Prinsengracht。这三个被风在城市以同心圆的形式,形成一个带或一系列腰带周围被称为Grachtengordel。




Amsterdam has been made famous as the Venice of the North. This name was attributed to this beautiful old world farming settlement because of the three canals that flow through it.  The names of these three canals are Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Prinsengracht. These three are seen to wind around the city in the form of concentric circles that form a girdle or series of belts around it which has been called the Grachtengordel.

In the world of hospitality and fine travel arrangements, a planned cruise along these canals has been coveted by romantics, philosophers, adventurers and tourists alike. The boats cruising along these canals offer refreshments, drinks and even dining services. It is a completely unique experience that sets Amsterdam apart from several other tourists’ destinations. The current research is focused on understanding the many reasons for the preference of travelers and visitors to the city who want to partake of this exhilarating experience or have already enjoyed such an experience.

The current research is focused on understanding the demand, reasons for the demand and the fresher avenues that should be explored that can be expected to contribute greatly in the generation of enhanced demand of the canal cruises. The idea was to hold focused group discussions with cruise enthusiasts as well as prominent members of the society to ascertain the status and future role of these particular forms of authority.