论文代写-对特斯拉业务创新的批判性分析。对于投资者来说,特斯拉的股票一直是高风险和高回报的。特斯拉的销售在纸面上利润很高,毛利率为S和X的20%。然而,由于Model X的问题太多,他们不得不将最高毛利率重新投入业务,以便在2017年推出Model 3。马斯克一直被批评为该行业最具颠覆性的CEO,尤其是在没有经销商和媒体的情况下进行销售。然而,马斯克是一个有远见的人,特斯拉的产品正是颠覆性创新的一个突出例子。他所有的战略和创新都是为了给世界提供电池驱动的汽车,20年后,当燃料可能成为一种枯竭的资源时,他的这些战略和创新将会被几代人所关注。

Innovation is the necessity of a company’s development and in international market it makes a difference by offering the best competitive advantages to the business in both domestic and foreign markets (Tidd et al., 1997). The success story of an organization cannot be written by the leaders alone, it is the combined responsibility of employees and management. Managers should be skilled enough to stimulate their resources towards innovative ideas and practices.
This report analyses how innovation has transformed the world into a better place. It focuses on various innovative techniques adopted by the highly successful multinational organizations Adidas and Tesla. Both these companies have different nature of business operations but the phenomenon guiding them towards progress is innovation. Adidas and Tesla with their innovative practices, are guiding and motivating their counterparts also to join the drive, to deliver outstanding results. Innovation not only benefits companies but also protects the environment, creating harmony between technological development and sustainable growth.
Tesla has immense competition from Nissan new leaf redesign which is battery efficient and much better in appearance. Other worst competitors for Tesla are Audi and BMW running on electric motors with gas tanks for backup and expertise in luxury buyer handling. Despite Tesla’s successful innovations, it hasn’t been able to justify its business as profitable and missed the biggest auto sales boom in history of US, in 2017. Hence, it is necessary for Tesla to learn a lesson from the complexities in Model X and the company is focused on the production of its next car Model 3 which is designed with highest level of efficiency to overcome the problems of Model X, promised to be launched in 2017.
Tesla would always have the first mover advantage and needs to focus more on its original products that are Model S, rather than incurring costs in redesigning it and launching new products at lower costs. The prices of electric cars are also coming down due to cheaper batteries available in the market which is not a good new for Tesla. Moreover, these vehicles are not very popular in many countries and have several battery related issues like lack of charging stations, limited range and affordability issues (Nykvist & Nilson, 2015). For Tesla, it is imperative to engage in sustainable manufacturing and operations to reduce its costs as much as possible. It also needs to pay attention to its marketing strategies and product positioning in the minds of its consumers, to make them known and trusted.

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