My second successful experience is relevant to grasping the historical opportunity of Smart City Construction to propel our business in India. With the advent of the Internet and the rapid development of the Internet of Things and large-DATA technology, Governments in all countries established the Smart City building plan. Smart City can significantly improve the urban management and operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, achieve the sustainable development of cities and has far-reaching significance. Because of our previous efforts in expanding India market, one large family business in India, namely the Mittal Company took an initial visit to us in July 2015, presented to us the India government’s ambitious plan of building 100 smarter cities, and enthusiastically invited our company to participate in the urban development construction work of several India’s major cities. Access to this important information, we immediately conducted an in-depth assessment with the home office colleagues. Based on this decision, we took a series of actions, during which I, as the Indian market developers, participate actively in all the aspects of the project, including the preliminary assessment of the project, looking for domestic town planning institutes, participating in the preparation of cooperation intent, paying a visit to India to investigate the Smart City Market. In 2015, in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of India’s Smart City Market, we participated in various seminars in India, and actively communicate with the local government. In one of the Seminars, most attendees were basically India local companies. We were the only one foreign company. At the meeting of the seminar, participating enterprises need to express their views, and until at the end of the meeting, my leadership didn’t make any responses. I bravely stood up at this time, raised a question to the speaker and stated my own opinion. Obviously, this move aroused the concern of the participants. At the end of the meeting, some experts specially came to communicate with us about China’s intentions. My leader was very satisfied with the effect of participating this meeting. I had also presented and enhanced my own creative problem-solving capacity.
Another experience is related to focus on market segments in establishing the new overseas study enterprises. In recent years, there are an increasing number of Chinese students going abroad to study. According to the Open Doors Report published by the Association of International Education (IIE), by 2015, up to 300 thousand Chinese students went to study in the United States, of whom nearly 200 thousand people were the undergraduates. In 2015, I came to know that my friends were innovating the overseas study business. As one of the former students once studying overseas, I felt the great value of this innovation model for the students and the parents and therefore join decisively the entrepreneurial team.
Then, after joining the team, I took advantage of my own experience of studying abroad and optimized the original services system. In order to bridge the existing defects of Study Abroad Agent services, I led the team to conduct customer questionnaires and situation simulation, and designed a 7*24 full service system, including the five services systems, namely the learning guidance, university guide, life care, extra-curricular life design, parents process communication. As a result, through innovation and considerate service mode, we created a study in service industries and quickly open the situation. Currently, the Company has already begun to set up branches in several major cities of China and the United States, and has established strategic partnerships with a number of international schools. In 2016, the revenue is expected to reach 10 million Yuan RMB, and plans to introduce risk investment.

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