eSports are expected to have an audience of around 150 million people. The idea that people are willing to play and pay to watch people playing competitive video is found to be a big surprise for much of society. The numbers surprise them. This is because eSports is still catching up as a radical idea in many areas. It is still considered as something that is a short-term spurt, rather than an implementation that is here to stay. There are increasing number of sceptics who are found to state that eSports idea is a radical idea and might not thrive (Weiss and Schiele, 2013).
For the people who are sceptical about eSports, there are another branch of people who are overtly positive about the idea. These are the form of people who are into eSports at present and who are seen to overestimate the revenues. These are expecting the growth to be in billions. However, not all the eSports generate profit at par with conventional sports, and cannot certainly do so when it comes to nationwide sports and international sports (Carter, & Gibbs, 2013). They are found to be different when compared to the major sports. However, once again, the eSports arena bears similarities to conventional sports. It has been stated that people watching eSports are found to be attracting more than 40000 people (Deloitte, 2016). These are found to be true in many cases. There is growing patronage for the sports and it is found to be increasing (Seo, 2016). In this paradigm, there is a certain amount of confusion on whether eSports can be considered as conventional sports or whether it should be considered as dissimilar. In specific some participating characters and popularity of eSports such as Multiplayer Online Battles Arenas (MOBA) is being considered in this research. The focus is on whether they are eSports or not. MOBA games are a blanket term of action games, real time games and multi role playing games etc. played online and viewed by many. In fact, research works such as Johnson et al., (2015), Moyneux (2015), Dye et al., (2009) and Kwak et al., (2015) have focused exclusively on whether eSports are a form of Sports and in the context of assessing MOBA. Now this research work attempts to understand how people would categorize MOBA and how they classify eSports.

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