The tray delivery system is a system that is used for the custom-fit tray. The patients are delivered the medicines through this schema (15). The tray delivery systems are similar to the fluoride trays traditionally. These also prevent tooth decay. In many cases, there is consideration of the FDA clearance which is used to be a safe and effective way to treat the various gum diseases.
Surgery of the Gum Graft
The gum grafts are used to cover the roots. They are found to slow down the development of the gum diseases based on excessive gingival recession (16). In the course of the gum graft, surgery the periodontist is formed in the issues that are found in the gum. These are forming the palate or another donor. This is done to cover the exposed root. These are done for one tooth, several teeth, or even the gum line to reduce the sensitivity. There are many benefits in this process. It is used to protect the roots from the decay process. This enables the reduction of the tooth sensitivity and can improve the aesthetics of your smile. This gum graft is used to improve the function and to receive the benefits. These also creates a newer smile to improve the periodontal health
Laser Treatment
Each of the lasers is found to have different wavelengths and power levels. These can be used safely in different kinds of periodontal procedures (17). In the cases where there is damage to the periodontal tissues, it can result in inappropriate wavelength. These can be used for the power level that is used during the different kinds of periodontal procedure. In the current times, there is insufficient evidence to state that any of the laser wavelengths is found to be better than the conventional treatment methods of the common periodontal disease such as the periodontitis (18)。

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