In its most unprocessed form, it bears a cheery-like red fruit when it is ripe. The coffee bean is found in the centre. The modern version of roasted coffee that we drink nowadays was originated in Arabia. Then it changed forms, brewing methods and roasting techniques. It is the result of hundreds of years of evolution that we can now enjoy coffee in a variety of different forms. There have been various studies and researches around coffee and some studies claim that increased consumption of coffee leads to a longer life span. Although there are has not been any scientific evidence for this fact. There are also studies that claim coffee to be bad for health as well. Although recommending too much coffee has never been on the list of health experts and dieticians, however, no long-term harm has actually been caused by having coffee (Goldstein and Kaizer, 1969).

Although these studies have a good reason to believe the fact that drinking more coffee leads to a higher life expectancy, however, there are various studies that suggest otherwise as well. Besides, there are many factors that have not been considered in these studies which are essential to consider when proving that drinking more coffee leads to a higher life expectancy. For instance, factors such as coffee drinkers who are wealthier or healthier than non-coffee drinkers have not been considered. These two factors are extremely essential and have a significant impact on predicting the life span of an individual. In addition, the components present in coffee which lead to higher life expectancy have also not been discovered yet. Researchers suggest that it is not the caffeine present in coffee which leads to higher life expectancy because the positive results of coffee increasing life expectancy was also exhibited by people in the study who has decaf coffee during the experiments. Thus, there is no scientific evidence of the substance found in coffee that leads to higher life expectancy and until that substance is discovered, the study results will always be debatable (Johansson et al., 1992).
Hence, although there are various studies that encourage drinking more coffee, however, these studies need to take more factors into consideration to make a more accurate conclusion and prediction. This is because until all the factors related to this are taken into consideration, the study will never be able to gain base in the world of research and experiment backed by sufficient proof of evidence. Until all the factors are considered and taken into study, a comprehensive judgement of the consumption of coffee increasing life expectancy will always be debatable. Until all the factors related to the research are not taken into consideration, the results will never be proved, however strong the study may be or however large the research group might be. Until then, Kaldi, the goat herder’s discovery of the red fruit and its effects on human body will always be a story of mystery and lore. To bring the story into light and give it the title of a study, a comprehensive assessment is absolutely necessary. Thus, our topic of study – ‘Coffee makes you live longer’ is still debatable. Although it is gaining grounds through various studies conducted across the world on different populations and varied experiment groups, it still lacks scientific evidence and proof of fact. Researchers need to consider a lot more factors in this respect to create a comprehensive study and be able to predict accurately the correlation between drinking coffee and life expectancy. Studies have also suggested that too much coffee is detrimental for health. Thus to determine the appropriate amount of consumption is also a task that researchers need to take up carefully before they can accurately predict that drinking more coffee makes one live longer (Linsted et al., 1992).

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