论文代写价格-金纳米粒子。金纳米粒子由于其原子质量的提高而吸收了更多的辐射。这是与软组织细胞在处理过程中不能吸收大量辐射的能力相比较的。因此,根据Hainfeld et al.(2013),使用金纳米颗粒治疗肿瘤和癌症可以增加辐射剂量。在纳米技术的背景下,它涉及到在纳米尺度上设计和赋予粒子形状和结构的过程。这已被评估,以加强在人体靶区传递药物的过程。论文范文论文代写价格-金纳米粒子分享给留学生阅读。

Nanoparticles have been developed, as it possesses positive impact on the treatment process. It is seen that gold nanoparticles are seen to absorb increased amount of radiation due to their enhanced atomic mass. This is in comparison to the capability of soft tissue cells that are not able to absorb extensive amount of radiation, in the form of treatment process. Thus, as per Hainfeld et al. (2013), increase in the dose of radiation is possible using the gold nanoparticles for treating tumors and cancers. In context of nanotechnology, it involves the process of designing and giving a shape and structure to a particle based on the nanometer scale. This has been evaluated to enhance the process of delivery of drugs in target areas of human body. In the study of Maeda, Nakamura & Fang, (2013), it is seen that a 5-nm gold nanoparticle has been used that was bind to cetuximab, covalently, along with gemcitabine for drug delivery in treating pancreatic cancer. In the process of treating cancer cells without causing damage to the normal healthy cells, gold nanoparticles need to be coated with an antibody that is able to attach to the target cancer cell. From the viewpoint of Alhasan et al. (2012), in cancer therapy the size of gold nanoparticles ranges about 130 nm in diameter that is PEG coated. This is justified by the fact that particles ranging within the nano size particularly gold particles are observed to be used for treating cancer based on the EPR effect.

Effect of gold nanoparticles during cancer treatment is estimated based on the colour and the distance. As supported by Boman, (2010), gold nanoparticles are not toxic that enhances its use in the treatment process.

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