许多杰出人士对如何领导人民采取了不同的立场。在柏拉图的《理想国》一书中,对制度的系统性质疑进行了探讨。柏拉图说,治理国家的最好方法是有一个道德高尚的合适的领导者。对于治理,柏拉图阐述了理想城邦的重要性(Riesenberg, 1994)。柏拉图提倡的是一位不遵循传统政治制度的仁慈领袖。卢梭不同意这种板的思想。他想要一个更加民主的体制。卢梭认为,只有人民才有主权和强大的统治权利。本篇论文代写价格-卢梭和柏拉图关于国家治理的辩论分析,与民主有关的危险是柏拉图提出的。在这个分析中,对这个特殊的类比作了更详细的分析。作为先启步骤,柏拉图和卢梭的主要论述如下。

Plato theory is based on the importance of a good leader who is perfect in every sense. This definition of perfection is Plato asserts that philosophers must be kings who must rule the people in a just manner (Plato, Halliwell, 1988). They must have the ideology that the people need to developed ideal polis (Plato, Halliwell, 1988). The notion of ‘kallipolis’ or beautiful city is about the ways in which the political rule is fundamentally based on knowledge. This must be an innate attribute of the philosopher kings who is ruling the land. They need to be ideal ruler without any fallacies (Riesenberg, 1994). This is about the notion of power in the make-up of the political activities. This concludes that undemocratic political system is mandatory and the people need to be led by benevolent dictator.
“Until either philosopher’s become kings or those now kings and regents become genuine philosophers” (Plato, Halliwell, 1988).
In the theory of Social Contract, a discussion has been made for the development of a legitimate political order. One of the oft-quoted sentences of Rousseau is that: “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains. Those who think themselves the masters of others are indeed greater slaves than them” (Rousseau, 1920).
Rousseau states the importance of having good governance that is in line with the will of the people. It is found that in the primitive state of human life, the most important ideology is survival. With civilization and modernity, it was deemed that the people also need to have a system of governance that is fair. With human development, it was obvious that the number of people competing for the same resources were increasing. It was important to have a system of ethics and laws to ensure that there is a more cohesive society. These human beings are left for the benefits and the mandatory need of cooperation. As the society develops, it can be observed that division of labor and private property. These require the humans to adhere to the institutions of law. He alluded that there would be frequent competition with the fellow men where the people become increasingly dependent on them. These kinds of double pressure within the society threaten the survival and freedom of the people. According to the ideology of Rousseau, the people need to join together through the social contract (Riesenberg, 1994). They need to abandon the claims of being naturally right. The individuals in the society try to preserve themselves and remain free. This is owing to the fact that the submission of the authority of the general will of the people. Plato is similar to this ideology which also wanted a society to preserve themselves and be ethical. He makes a statement that people can be governed by an appropriate leader. However, the issue is finding the appropriate leader. Rousseau says that the risk of this leader becoming a dictator is high and ultimately the people would suffer. This would cause the fundamental requirement of Plato to be impacted.

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