論文代寫推薦-香港電影《重慶森林》的討論分析,電影《重慶森林》吸引人的一個重要悖論是,盡管像香港這樣人口稠密的社會往往會把觀眾聚在一起,但在與他人建立合理關系的同時,卻缺乏溝通能力。人們可以通過大量生產自己周圍的消費品來保持整體的個性。你可以看到兩個警察的公寓裏,同時注意到這些小玩意和玩具被組裝成一個帶有個性的威脅感。香港不能僅僅被視為電影中每個角色的背景。在很多方面,它可以被認為是電影中的一個不同的角色(Thanouli, 183)。在這樣一個動蕩、浮華、混亂的城市裏,導演玩了一場危險的遊戲。在這部電影中,導演考慮用種族主義或傳統的觀點來區分亞洲人和亞洲人。接下來有關論文代寫推薦-香港電影《重慶森林》的討論分析分享給留學生們閱讀如下:

The significant paradox attractive in the case of Chungking Express is that even though societies like Hong Kong, with dense population tend to be forcing the audience together, there was lack of ability in the communication, while there is formation of sensible relationships with other individuals. The overall sense of individuality can be maintained by the mass production of consumer goods with which one has been surrounded. One can see inside the flats of both cops, while noting the gadgets and toys being assembler for the assertion of threatened sense in context with individuality. Hong Kong cannot just only be considered as a backdrop for each and every character within the film. In a number of ways, it can be considered as a different character in the film (Thanouli, 183). In such a pulsating, garish and confusing city, the director ended up playing a dangerous game. In the film, the director considered trading over the racist or traditional view about the difficulty for distinguishing one individual of Asia from the other.

As identified in this essay, there can be consideration of narrative as a story, even if it involves some differences from the principle of story. When considered typically, there is initiation of narrative by the involvement of a single situation. A number of changes may end up taking place in accordance with the pattern of effect and cause. When considering the overall context, there can be a rise of a new situation in order to end the overall narrative. In order to engage someone with the story is highly dependent on their understanding with respect to the pattern of stability and change, space and time, and causality. There can be consideration of these components as significant to narrative in majority of the sources of media, but there seems to be a centralization of time and causality. In context with certain sources of media, a narrative may tend to focus only on time and causality. However, in order to consider the case of film narrative, however, space is also a significant factor. Events take place in locales with well-definitions. In addition, there is well- acknowledgment of space for the manipulation of space.

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