Apart from this, the advertisement portrays a confident woman and with the help of the back ground and place it has developed an extremely soothing environment having a tension free life style and so this attracts the customers and would encourage them to buy it as they have developed an extraordinary link with it (Gombrich: 2002).

The television served as a mode of communication in this advertisement’s case. It helped in creating brand awareness and maintenance of a good repute of Citizen Watches in the society. Because of television, the advertisement was able to reach to a large number of markets and it helped in attracting customers to buy it. It shows women that they should be strong and they should make wise decisions and in this way, they can be successful and become confident. It shows women that they should make a decision and a choice should be made.

In this advertisement, many modes of communication have been combined. On one hand, the language of the advertisement is communicating the importance of time and right timing and on the other, the soothing picturization of the ad helps in understanding it better. This advertisement does not promote the advantages of Citizen Watch but it promotes the experience women have when they wear it and so this ad gets women thinking and they can question their own decisions and can choose between options to have a better life.