This section is essential in order to capture the actual business need of the company. It would also give an overview of the various business processes in detail that needs improvement and that can be automated using the ERP solution.

This section would highlight the business requirement that had infused the company to migrate to ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics and the various means by which it would cater to their Business requirement as well as help the company in attaining its business objective by implementing the solution. It would also showcase on a high level how each of these business processes involving the various departments like Finance, Human Resource, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Development, Information Technology, etc. will be benefited and also provide a Fit-Gap analysis for the same (Chen, 2001).

There would also be an assessment as well as detailing of the existing IT infrastructure and would highlight the areas where the process improvement can be done in the existing infrastructure of the company. This section will also give an overview about the best practice implementations which the Solution Provider had implemented across the industry. This section is essential to give details about the business processes and the Fit it has in accordance to its business objectives. This section will help the consultant to showcase the understanding of the Business Requirement by the consulting company.