This means that the historians have been coming out with the results of their studies in such a manner that the findings are influenced by the current social structure which is done to avoid any uproar.

Pollock argues that if a more feminist approach is taken towards the study of art then it could lead to a complete new findings and bring out the hidden aspects of the art which were never published or overlooked due to the biased approach towards the study of artefacts. Similar thing applies to the study of scriptures and the old texts too. This may be very revolutionary because the known facts about our past and the social structure of the people living in the past are through the study of the scriptures and artefacts. If we presume and believe what Pollock argues then this would mean that whatever we understand of our society, it is based on the presumptions which are biased.

Pollock has often said that we should study art by placing ourselves outside the art history and not by being a part of it. This will make sure that the study of the artefact is unbiased and the result does not reflect any presumptions which one might have. The main idea behind this is to come up with the studies which are not male centric and since the study of art greatly affects the contemporary social thinking such unbiased study would make the society less male dominated and more feminist.