美国代写被抓-Elsie Elliot政治思维的潜伏期

美国代写被抓-Elsie Elliot政治思维的潜伏期。香港的历史应该被详细地阐明,以解释埃利奥特的各种意识形态的概念。当她还是传教士的时候,她在中国南昌遇到了几个中国难民。然而,香港不仅仅是她下一个目的地的过渡地;这是因为难民的困境在她的内心引起了一种启示。她想帮助难民。这些难民是被偷运到香港的,他们希望得到埃利奥特家人的帮助,以便作出某种安排,满足他们在新地方居住的一些体面要求。然而,这是不可能的。难民和寻求庇护的人数非常多。如前所述,Elsie Elliot帮助人民的另一个原因是帮助被压迫阶级的妇女。这是英国女传教士的一个主要政治观点,影响了埃尔西的观点。论文范文美国代写被抓-Elsie Elliot政治思维的潜伏期分享给留学生阅读。

Hong Kong history should be elucidated in detail in order to explain about the various notions of the ideologies of Elliot. When she was a missionary, she had met several Chinese refugees in Nan Chang, China. However, Hong Kong was not just a transition place of her next destination; it was because the refugees’ plight had caused a revelation inside of her. She wanted to help the refugees. The refugees were smuggled into Hong Kong and they wanted the aid of Elliot’s family for some kind of arrangement to have some decent requirements to live in the new place. This was however not possible. The sheer volume of the number of people brought in as refugees and seeking asylum was very high. As mentioned earlier another reason for Elsie Elliot to help the people was to help the women in the oppressed class. This was a major political though of the British missionary women that swayed the opinions of Elsie.
In 1952, more than ten thousand refugees came to Hong Kong, which made the living environment very difficult. All the people wanted access to basic facilities and due to the dire need of the situation, there was extensive damage to the society. Elliott’s used their shabby apartment as a clinic. They used it to dispense some supplies and treated some illness that they were equipped. This clinic that functioned did not serve as an emergency clinic rather it was a clinic that had helped the people gains some supplies for marginally smaller illness. They continued missionary work and tried to persuade more people to believe in Jesus and go to church. However, they had an extremely hard time living in Hong Kong, each person had to earn six dollars per day, but people were able to earn only one to two dollars only, even the children had to work at home to survive. When a person was suffering from dire poverty, they were not able to understand the messages of religion or the church. The people wanted a decent form of live hood in order to live life. During this time the reasons provided by the religion did not seem to be adequate to the people.

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