美国代写-遏制外国武装分子行动的国家政策,不同国家的政府正在尝试不同的方法来遏制外国武装分子涌入伊斯兰国。在印度尼西亚,政府已经禁止了伊斯兰国和伊斯兰国招募人员发布的网络视频。除此之外,政府还宣布了阻止印尼公民前往叙利亚和伊拉克的重大举措(Rich and Conduit, 2015)。根据印度尼西亚法律,移民到外国可能成为丧失印度尼西亚公民资格的理由。目前,大约有45个国家颁布了不同的法律或对其宪法进行了修改,以阻止本国人民移居伊拉克和叙利亚。约有35个国家逮捕了试图与ISIS合作的外国恐怖分子。在这些国家中,有12个国家甚至起诉了外国武装分子。大约50个国家也通过国际刑警组织的反恐中心分享了外国战士的资料(Heupel, 2009)。接下来有关美国代写-遏制外国武装分子行动的国家政策分享给大家阅读。

At present, there are around 45 nations who have enacted different laws or have done amendments to their constitutions so as to impede the moving of their people to Iraq and Syria. Around 35 different nations have also arrested foreign terrorist fighters who have been trying to join hands with ISIS. Out of these, 12 nations have even prosecuted the foreign fighters. Around 50 nations have also shared the profiles of the foreign fighters through the Interpol’s Centre for Counter Terrorism (Heupel, 2009). It has been found that the emergence of foreign fighters has increase by 400 per cent after the emergence of ISIS. The government of the United States of America has also signed bilateral arrangement with 40 different countries so as to share important information with respect to travel of the foreign fighters to these nations.
The government in different nations is trying out different ways to curb the influx of foreign fighters to IS. In Indonesia, the government has banned the IS and the online videos which have been published by the recruiters for promotion of ISIS. In addition to this, the government has announced vast steps to prevent Indonesian citizens to travel to Syria and Iraq (Rich and Conduit, 2015). As per the Indonesian law, the movement of the people to the foreign states can be the grounds for losing the citizenship of Indonesia.
Egypt is a yet another nation where a number of steps have been taken to curb the movement of the foreign fighters. The government has released a list of the nations where if anyone has to travel, he or she will be required to undergo a proper security clearance (Skidmore, 2014). This list includes the travel to Syria and Turkey but not Iraq. In addition to this, Egypt government has created a law that if the individuals would be found joining the terrorist groups, they may have to face imprisonment for life.
The United Kingdom has considered terrorism as a criminal act. The government has implemented the law according to which following of terrorism may lead to the withdrawal of the British Citizenship. In addition to this, the government has the right to withdraw the passports of the suspected people.

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