从雇主的角度看培训的好处,从他们的观点来看,培训对员工很重要的原因应该被列出。当员工们认为公司正在为他们的培训和发展投资时,员工们就会觉得自己更有价值,进而对工作场所和他们所做的工作表现出更大的忠诚和感激之情(McGregor,1960:122 – 127)。随后,员工们觉得有必要提供更多的服务,并尽最大努力保持公司的利润和成功。



经过适当培训的员工也可以管理和监控自己,不需要对他们的工作进行微观管理,他们可能会得到更多的工作,并被要求指导和指导下级员工(Lombardi & laurano,2013:252 – 292)。员工培训的整个本质是在组织中创造一个学习环境,使员工成为不断成长的工作场所的一部分,使他们更能坚持组织工作,从而减少消耗。


Having seen the benefits of training from an employer’s perspective, the reasons why training is important to an employee from their viewpoint shall be listed. When the employees fell that the organization is investing money for their training and development, the employees feel more worthy and in turn show a greater sense of loyalty and gratitude to the workplace and the work they do (McGregor, 1960: 122-127). Subsequently the employees feel the need to deliver more and do their best to always keep the business in profit and success.

Training also creates a sense of empowerment to the employee which results in an increased willingness and acceptance to accommodate more tasks and responsibilities within a short period of time. On the whole employee training is beneficial to the organization they work for and also for themselves.

Another of the takeaways of training the staff of an organization is that they are motivated to be more productive and they may be constantly engaged in developing themselves and learning new technologies and techniques that shall help the business in the long run.

The staff who are trained properly shall also be able to manage and monitor themselves and there shall be no need for micromanagement of their work, rather they may be given more work and additionally asked to mentor and guide employees who are junior to them (Lombardi &Laurano, 2013: 252-292). The whole essence of staff training is to create a learning environment in the organization that makes the employees they are part of a continually growing workplace that makes them stick on to the organization for even more time, thereby a measure for also reducing attrition.