It was important to consider the alternate advertisement methods. If there would have been too many advertisements on the bill boards in the park, it will litter the park. It has been observed in some of the parks that too much advertisement had spoiled the entire park. More bill boards will mean that the nature will be destroyed. The natural beauty of the National Parks will be lost and it will turn into a land full of advertisement. There was a need for the unique method so that the beauty of the park remains intact and the funding can also be done through the advertisement.
It is important to note the different strategies for getting the good advertising methods so that the park doesn’t get littered with many billboards. Advertisement should not impact the beauty of the park in any way. There are some of the marketing campaigns which can be useful for advertising in the park. One of the methods for advertisement is to publish the posters on the official website of the park (Zeff & Aronson, 1999). With this move, the advertisement can easily reach a large number of people. Every visitor who visits the website will be checking the advertisements. Advertisements can also be published in the Facebook page of the national parks. For example, the official Facebook page of Yellow Stone National Park has around 34000 followers. These pages will be promoted more and more when the advertisements will be displayed in the same. The post related to the company will be published on a regular basis on the Facebook page. These posts will be viewed by many people.
A major challenge is to attract the companies to advertise and pay money for the same. We will have to involve media and go into media sponsorship with some of the companies. In order to do the same, a number of design competitions will be held. These competitions will have a media sponsorship which will broadcast the end to end detail related to the event (Gannon, 1994). The competitions will be done in such a manner that it will raise a voice that NPS is accepting the financial sponsorships in return of advertisements in the park or in the activities related to the park. The funding of the competitions will be done by the park partners and NPS. The media channels will promote the event and its cause as well. This will attract many of the companies which are interested in promoting their brands, products or services. Another method is to send direct mails to the PRs’ of all the major companies about the new initiative of NPS. The emails will prove to be a good means of spreading the information to the companies without any kind of investment (Sterne & Priore, 2000). The interested companies can revert back to the E-Mails directly and further communication can be established.

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