本报告旨在阐明质量管理体系在组织中的重要性。被选中的组织是大卫·琼斯,被认为是澳大利亚最著名和最受欢迎的百货公司之一。报告分为两部分。在报告的采访中一直与Cate Deniels通过电子邮件进行的第一部分。Cate Deniels目前已被应用在转型PMO头的位置。报告的这一部分还包含了在面试的帮助下获得的有用的见解。在第二部分报告中对质量管理体系的实施进行了探讨。在本报告的这一部分,讨论了如何带来新的改进以及如何实现这些改进。



已经接近的组织是大卫·琼斯。经理已经接受采访的Cate Deniels。她一直担任集团执行业务从2010-2014年现在已经晋升为转型PMO的头。








This report has been written to shed a light on the importance of quality management system within an organization. The organization that has been selected is David Jones that has been considered as one of the most famous and popular department store company in Australia. The report is divided into two parts. In the first part of the report an interview has been conducted with Cate Deniels via Email. Cate Deniels has currently been employed at the position of head of transformation PMO. This part of the report also incorporates useful insights that have been obtained with the help of interview. In the second part of the report implementation of a quality management system have been discussed. In this part of the report the need for bringing new improvements and how these improvements can be implemented has also been discussed.

Task 1: Conducting an Interview

1.1 Response to Question 1

The organization that has been approached is David Jones. The manager that has been interviewed was Cate Deniels. She has been working as group executive operations from 2010-2014 and now has been promoted to head of transformation PMO.

1.2 Response to Question 2

As per the manager, David Jones is operating in the sector of retail services and hence the tool of quality management is applied at the organization. It is applied by considering customer satisfaction and fulfillment of needs of customer. The steps followed at David Jones to implement a successful QMS has mentioned as follow:

ØIdentifying organizational goals

ØIdentifying factors crucial for the success of QMS

ØImplementing QMS by integrating technological innovation

ØEvaluating the system