本篇美国代写论文价格-通用电气公司的战略人力资源,通用电气公司是一家主要在纽约和康涅狄格运营的美国跨国集团公司。公司有不同的部门(Purce, 2014)。它经营家电、石油、天然气、能源管理、生命科学,甚至制药等行业。通用电气是一家重要的公司,曾多次出现在《福布斯》(Forbes)杂志上。该公司是企业战略人力资源管理政策的缩影(Chen, and Huang, 2009)。这个公司之所以被考虑作为案例研究,是因为它提供了关于企业如何有效利用战略人力资源的各种见解。

GE Company is an American multinational conglomerate corporation that functions mainly from New York and Connecticut. The company has varied sectors (Purce, 2014). It handles appliances, oil, gas, energy management, life sciences even pharmaceuticals to name a few. GE has been an important company that has been repeatedly featured in Forbes magazine. This company has been epitomized for the corporate strategic human resource management policy (Chen, and Huang, 2009). This company has been considered for the case study because it provides with varied insight as to how businesses utilize the strategic human resources to function efficiently. Companies develop best practices to have an effective competitive strategy. For this purpose, the companies use four step academic models to develop and design their own strategic HR management policies (Cania, 2014). Overall framework of the strategic management strategies can be divided into four steps according to the academic theories of management.

They are assessing or taking stock of the current situation, forecasting HR requirements, gap analysis and developing strategies that are required to support the organization (Becker, and Huselid, 2006).. These are the four steps that have been used as a formula to compare with GE Company. In the current scenario, the four major objectives that have been devised by the company are to align business strategy with the HR strategy, effective change management, being an infrastructure expert and also being an employee champion. Step one for the company is assessing the current HR capacity. For this it has been found that the companies maintain a skills catalogue for the company. This is sort of an audit review of the current capacity of the employees and also discusses in detail about the future scope and potential for the employee (Becker, and Huselid, 2006). Redundant employees, turnover rates and employees with potential are identified in this scenario (Purce, 2014).

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