Starbucks, the American Coffee Company is the business that is selected for analysis in this report. The coffee company has been facing some issues in both its local business expansions and also in its international ventures. Strategic initiatives are hence needed for the business in order to meet these issues.

1) Aim: The aim of this research is to strategically analyze the Starbucks Company and present areas of concerns for the company and ways for the company to make use of its strengths and opportunities in order to mitigate or nullify the concerns completely.

2) Methodology: Strategy based analysis is chosen as the methodology. Starbucks Company is discussed in the context of some of the key concerns that it faces in contemporary times. Six strategic tools are then used to conduct the analysis on the business and based on the analysis key recommendations are made by which the company can handle the contemporary issues.  The Strategic tools that are used are Fishbone, PEST, SWOT, Critical Success Factors, Market Segmentation and the VRIO Analysis. Each of these analytic tools is applied in a general sense to the particular issues identified. Only in doing so it will be possible to generate recommendations that are applicable for more than the issue.

3) Outcomes: The outcomes of analysis are that Starbucks faces potential future challenges with respect to consumer retention, newer consumer attraction and international expansions. The recommendations are made for these issues.