The organizational integration is seen to be between the intra- and inter-organizational subsystems. This is an important factor for the operational coordination, strategic effectiveness. These scholars have focused on the organizational integration for the three sub systems. These include the production, marketing and the research aspects. The use of the systems can have shortcomings. These shortcomings could be due to

Implication of the focus on automation can lead to reduced focus on the existing systems. The increase in the cash flow is mandatory to maintain the operations of the company.

Not addressing the change management resistance of the company

Hiring of newer personnel can impact the performance of the company

Finding ways to address the cash flow implications of the business.

Some of the ways in which it can be addressed are

Integration of IT functions with the top management

Creation of a vision and making sure all the stakeholders are aligned towards the vision of holistic health for all the people.

Focus on the individual business units and creation of a hybrid system which combines people and technology.

The use of the IT managers must be based on the socially embedded systems.

To this schema, there can be changes in the revenue streams to bolster the accounts. For example, in some cases, there will be increase in the number of individuals joining the gym as a New Year’s fitness goals. In these times, there must be appropriate responses for the gym to increase the seasonal traffic in the gym. This is done by the boosting of the bottom line. In some gyms, there is the process of generating additional revenue by offering different kinds of services to the existing members.

The gym is currently operating at levels which are considered to be lucrative. However, the actual process of operating a gym can be challenging process. It has numerous rewards. This keeps the cash flow running smoothly.

Ultimately to provide the client with a stable and reliable place, this must be a place to learn where each stakeholder learns from the other person.