It has been observed that in the past 20 years, there have been around 400 companies in China which are listed in the stock market of US and the total value of the same has been found to be around 120 billion dollars. In order to analyze the impact, the models such as asset price models will be overvalued.
The beginning of the Chinese concept stocks can be traced down to 1980. It was during these times that the Chinese companies begin to get into joint ventures with the other companies of the world. In order to attract the funds from the outside country, the Chinese companies were the part and parcel of some of the biggest offerings in the world. Thus, it was the transformation of the state-run businesses into the publically traded companies. It has been observed that the performance of the Chinese concept stocks has been outstanding. There are a number of investors who have had confidence in the Chinese stock market and they consider the same to be a good choice. It has been observed that over the time, there are many firms who have to face negative impacts due to the poor investors’ attention.
The concept stock market is quite sensitive in China. Each and every news and information related to the same can be reflected in the value of stock market. An example of the same is the positive impact in the Chinese concept stocks because of the sensitive response of Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA).
In this research, the study has been focused on China concept stocks and its relation to investors’ attention. The discussion will be done on how investor attention is an important factor in analysis of the variation in the Concept stock markets of China and how it can have an impact on the Chinese concept stocks. These are the companies who are carrying out their business processes and relationships in the mainland China, though they are listed in the stock exchange market of USA. There are a large number of investors who are interested in these kinds of stocks because of the positivity about the long-term economic growth of China and because of the increase in the stock prices with the economic growth. Thus, there will be a proper analysis of the Chinese concept stocks. The study on the same will be done with the help of the Grainger’s causal relationship, impulse response function, variance decomposition analysis.
Thus, the research into the Chinese concept stocks has been basically done on the basis of the empirical analysis.
In order to complete the research, different models will be used for the purpose of analysis. This includes Ginger casuality test, variance decomposition analysis test.
Integration Analysis: In order to do the Ginger causality tests, the co-integration analysis equation has been used. In order to do the same, a regression test is required to be performed on the SSE Composite Index and the investor’s attention which reflects the relationship for a long term.
The equation for the ginger causality test is:
Log (Index)t= 5.24 + 0.222Post Numt+ €t
From the ADF unit root testing, it can be observed €t is the stationary series. This gives the indication that it can be a long-term relationship between the SSE Composite index and the investor’s attention. The regression coefficient for the equation is positive and the Y value is 4.082. Thus, from the result it can be analyzed that under the significance level of 1 %, concept stock prices will be rising if there is information symmetry.
In order to confirm the belief that the rise of the stock prices can lead to the lesser amount of investor’s attention, the casual relationship between the concept stocks and the investor’s attention is done with the help of the Granger Causality Test. According to the Akaile Information Criterion, the optimal lagged difference is the second order lag.

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