美国essay代写-经济利益集团理论关键的概念是与关键消费者相比,生产者可以更快地考虑对活动进行简单的监管。此外,交叉补贴现象也被纳入理论考虑范围。相关行业受益于制定自己的规章制度(Asadi, 2008)。政府在执行整个行业制定的关键法规方面起着至关重要的作用。政府为了实现其国家经济目标而使用这些规定。作为一个重要的例子,政府可以考虑在整个行业内提供补贴,以增加价格的价值(Shaheen, 2006)。这一理论已经允许与行业相关的政治决策在整个行业内进行,而不是在个人基础上进行。这有助于进一步减少金钱、精力和时间。必须有一个行业的参与,在政府的经济因素影响整个行业的决策。接下来有关美国essay代写-经济利益集团理论分享给留学生阅读。

The key notion is that producers can consider an easy regulation of activities faster in comparison with the key consumer. In addition, the phenomena of cross subsidization are in consideration within the theory. The concerned industries are benefited from making it own regulations and rules (Asadi, 2008). The government plays a crucial role in enforcing the key regulations established by the overall industry. The regulations are used by the government for the achievement of its national economic objectives. As a significant example, the government can consider granting subsidies across the industry for increasing the value of prices (Shaheen, 2006). The theory has been allowing decision making of politics in concern with the industry for being done across the industry, rather than on individual basis. This is further helpful in the reduction of money, energy and time. There must be an involvement of the industry in the decision making of the government over economic factors affecting the entire industry.
However, the theory has been criticized as the idea for utilizing representative groups for the regulation of the industry and the economy-based activities across the nation might be favourable for some groups in comparison with the other (Ziad and Ayoub, 2009). Further ahead, there is lack of predictability among politicians as they have been putting up regulations for perceiving their own personal interests. The costs of production may involve certain variations in different geographical locations (Asadi, 2008). These further result in creating more profits for some industries in comparison with other industries. There seems to be no predictability of the politicians as they can be seen putting regulations for the purpose of their own benefits (Lutfi, 2006). They may consider supporting the private sector in order to perceive their personal interests. And hence the theory can be criticized in these ways.
After selecting a media release and newspaper article, the focus will be over resource super profits tax proposed through Rudd, replacement of the tax with the tax of MRRT through Gillard and the recent MRRT repeal made through Abott, PM. Focusing on these answer will be given to identifying the regulation theory that properly explains governments position, when RSPT was proposed with justification on the same.

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