This database design clearly shows the presence of generic data of every individual along with their job history and internal coordination structure (includes manager id and department id). This design is actually simpler and effective because the possibility for redundancy is less and it is easier to restructure at anytime in the future. However, the problem is that the variables such as department id and manager id stand as primary keys and need to be connected everywhere. There is high dependency towards these variables. Eventually, when restructuring happens, it is important to make sure that they don’t get affected or assigned with a null value.
Alternate flow is suggested for Qantas Airways. This flow will enable the HR of every department to offer benefits to the employee depending on their performances, proposed compensations, potential as observed by the company and the interests of employee to contribute to the welfare of the organization (Gahan, 2000).

This is a wood artwork that I have selected. I found this interesting because of the different thoughts that it awakened in me. Firstly, when I saw it, I thought to myself how it looked similar to wooden dolls that the little children had. Secondly, I thought to myself how this is a seemingly simple piece of art work, but yet it inspired one to think beyond the art. This is because what one sees here is not just the replica of a man in a lounging posture, but the man is presented as the chips and blocks. This is how we are crafted in reality. Men and their personality are made by many things, and every day teaches us something and crafts or makes us. This wooden sculpture seems to highlight everyday crafting process. Also the finish of the sculpture is not smooth, indicating men have room for improvement every day. The finish also looks rough, maybe highlighting our flaws and imperfections. Despite the roughness, the person is a solid piece of work, and one gets a sense of satisfaction looking at this art work.

The Waterview Connection project is of national importance for the people of Auckland and New Zealand. The identification of risks is the first step in attempting to avoid the likelihood of risks. The risks of overestimation, underestimation, weak economic market condition, ill-equipped policies and procedures, and poor communication are identified to be more than economic and even leading to fatal loss. Some risks are commonly predicted, some are unexpected, and some are deemed as uncontrollable. The origin of these risks is to be attacked with rectifying tools, so eliminate their chances of rise and minimise the costs. Tools necessary for reducing communication gaps, allowing all agencies to work in their sequential manner, and to make them more responsible about their assigned scope of work are some principle ways of avoiding the likelihood of risks. The responsibility lies with all agencies for their internal integration, their ability to respond immediately yet appropriately to forthcoming risks, and disarming the risks before they become fatal. This will eventually determine the individual and collective ability of the involved agencies to counter all possibilities. The project will anyway not finish with a riskless identity, but it can always set a new benchmark in the engineering industry of its ability to identify and minimise risks.

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