In the film industry of US, the big six in major film studios of Hollywood are known to be Warner Bros., Buena Vista by Walt Disney, and 20th Century Fox by News Corp., Paramount by Viacom, Columbia or Sony, and Universal by NBC universal Inc. In the year 2012, Warner Bros. had been successful in possessing 15.4 per cent of the shares in this highly competitive market (Interbrand, 2012). With the initiation of growth and increase in the competition within the industry, the organization has been facing difficulties in sustaining its position within the market.

Success Factors

The industry of films is extremely competitive in nature; the organization can consider improving its position by the consideration of particular actions like making an improvement in the global appeal (Interbrand, 2012). With an increase in the investment for technological advancement, the organization will be able to sustain its competitive advantage within the industry.

Hence, it can be stated that the main factors of success in the organization of Warner Bros is the level of competition, its investment, and innovative and creative practices.

Sources of comparative and competitive data

Amount of investment being made in programming and content is known to be playing the most significant role. The organization holds the belief that as an increase in the scope of distribution systems that will result in the proliferation of the end users (Standard & Poor’s, 2004). This contributes in providing them with the extra competitive advantage as it seems to compel the content attracting the audience to a number of distribution platforms.

Strategic Issues

There are a number of business challenges involved that converge for ushering the organization towards a completely digital environment. Within the business, it has been found that there is lack of interconnection and integration amongst the groups within the organization. In addition to this there mounting pressures of cost and shrunken windows on release (Interbrand, 2012).

As a significant operational issue, Warner Bros considers no concrete process for the selection of which films should be made. Because of this particular issue, there is a clash in the ideas of team members working on projects that give a significant rise to the issues in management of human resource.