“Digital fiction books” is a multi-word compound phrase or combination of words that is generally used in the contexts of technology and literature. It refers to conventionally printed material of an imaginative background and that is available in a soft form through the web or a digital device.

“Physical books” is also a multi-word item that lexically functions as a complementary phrase to digital fiction referring to something that is not in soft form. It is an adjective usage of books to describe their ability to be carried around and is something that has material value.

The word “eBook” is an abbreviated form referring to books or other print that is accessible through electronics devices and hence is mainly used as a noun. The reference to this word is generally in the formal and literal context with no inflections or extensions.

“The death of the bookshop” is a metaphorical reference to symbolize the diminishing existence of physical book stores and the increasing prevalence of online book stores. The multi-word item is an idiom that is literally used in a formal manner to indicate the loss of an age-old concept.

“Launches” is the past form of the word launch which has multiple connotations in the English language of which the most common one means to incept or inaugurate. It has been anciently used to also refer to a motorboat as well and is grammatically a simple verb that indicates some action.