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许多美国跨国公司面临劳动力多样性的问题在欧洲设置作为一个最重要的问题在扩大企业发展的经济、社会、政治和商业的设置。主要问题出现由于缺乏熟悉美国公司文化(Egan Bendick,2003)。它表明美国跨国公司一样,许多公司现在的世界各地,不仅要处理各种工作的力量也还与各种文化。它需要了解传统,工作文化和语言属于不同国家和地区的人在操作业务。领导者领导人们如果不能尊重他们的文化和传统的同行将创建一个在工作中合作的问题。歧视员工之间在工作中也创造了在跨国公司的问题是企业面临的一个主要问题,员工拒绝合作(Egan Bendick,2003:2003)。

Many of the US multinationals were facing a problem of workforce diversity in European settings as a foremost issue in expanding their businesses in the development of economic, social, political and commercial settings. Main issue emerges as a result of lack of familiarity of culture of US firms (Egan and Bendick, 2003). It shows that like US multinationals, many companies present all over the world, do not just have to work with the variety of work forces but also with varieties of cultures too. It requires understanding the traditions, work culture and languages of people belongs to the different countries and regions before operating business. Leaders who lead people if unable to respect the culture and traditions of their peers will create a problem of cooperation at work. Discrimination among employees at work also created the problem in multinationals which is one of the major problems companies faced where employees refuse to work together (Egan and Bendick, 2003: 709).