美国论文代写-潘多拉珠宝行业的增长。据推测,有三种类型的消费者推动了潘多拉等珠宝行业的增长。第一类消费者是新货币消费者。与偏爱传家宝和其他形式的财产首饰的老钱消费者相比,新钱消费者推动了一种购买首饰来炫耀财富的潮流。其次,即使是在老的金钱消费者中,也有新的趋势,因为年轻人希望品牌帮助他们表达自己。最后,喜欢以更稳定的速度购买珠宝的消费者只是在提升他们的生活方式。麦肯锡的报告观察到,卡地亚(Cartier & Tiffany & Co)和潘多拉(Pandora)等许多老牌品牌的增长主要得益于这些形式的增长驱动。在未来,潘多拉的成长机会将在于迪奥、爱马仕、路易威登等高端时尚品类的创新。引入此类高端类别的珠宝系列似乎会推动该品牌。但是,在负担能力和模仿国际竞争方面也提出了挑战。接下来论文范文美国论文代写-潘多拉珠宝行业的增长分享给留学生阅读。

The key chapters including the introduction and hypothesis chapter, the literature review, the methodology chapter, the data and discussions and the conclusion chapter followed by a separate recommendations chapter for Pandora. The topic analyzed and discussed comes from international competition.
The introduction chapter will present the hypothesis that why the researcher believes Pandora Jeweller is on an international scale could face failure over the years. The individual hypothesis will be linked to different theories. There are dependent variables based on which the independent variable of sales rate will be presented. These dependent variables are affordability in nations, income of people in different nations, etc. Some countries might consider the jeweller affordable and others might have a lower affordability rate. Hence, the sales rate will improve or decimate according to the affordability increase or decrease. Equally, hypothesis based on operational variables like level of fake jeweller, the propensity for imitation etc. could be used to create better hypothesis. A more detailed literature review will be necessary to structure the hypothesis better.

Three types of consumers are supposedly driving the growth in jewellery segments like Pandora. The first type of consumer is the new money consumers. The new money consumers drive a trend to buy jewellery to show off their wealth compared to the old money consumer who might prefer family heirlooms and other forms of estate jewellery. Secondly, even in the old money consumers, there are newer trends being created because of the young adult segments who want brands to help them to express themselves. Finally, consumers who prefer purchasing jewellery at a more stable pace are just upgrading their lifestyle . Much of the established brands such as Cartier & Tiffany & Co & Pandora are observed in the McKinsey report which grew mainly because of these forms of drivers of growth. In future, it is expected that opportunities for Pandora’s growth would lie in innovating with such high end fashion categories such as Dior, Hermes and Louis Vuitton etc. Jewellery collections introduced with such high-end categories would seem to drive the brand (Dauriz et al., 2014). However, challenges are introduced with respect to affordability and imitations in international competition .

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