Debord (1967) goes beyond by stating that in the current society, there is presentation of life as immensely accumulating spectacles. Everything that lived directly has ended up receding with representation. This is interpreted differently out of the word and has strong roots within the idea that reality can be considered as spectacle across a society. However, spectacle ends up manifesting itself, whether it be in terms of entertainment, advertisement or news. It has been representing and enforcing the dominant model that can be considered as a normative order. This helps in creating a link between spectacle and power. It can be considered as the key attribute of power for bringing about a system that is beneficial for the powerful, and it is the role played by spectacle for the enforcement of that system. This is accomplished by a number of different sources. First is in relation with the ideas of Barthes (1957) considering spectacle in the form of a distraction. While the powerful can be seen to reap the profits out of societies working across a rate that can be identified as disproportional for the skill and effort being put in. Those in the absence of power can be pacified in terms of spectacle, and this can be identified as a distraction for injustice.
When considering the setting initially, the Paris Attacks of November 2015, had been a number of well- coordinated attacks by terrorists that ended up taking place in Paris along with Saint- Denis that is its northern suburb. On that day, there had been a striking of three suicide bombers starting from 21:20 CET, in Saint Denis, near the Stade de France, followed by mass shootings and suicide bombings at a music venue, restaurants and cafes in the central part of Paris (Yong and Bale, 2015). The attackers ended up killing 130 individuals that included 89 individuals taking hostages at the Bataclan theatre prior to having an engagement with the police in a stand- off. It has been seen that social issues have a significant impact on youth, in terms of inequality, unemployment and education being offered as an excuse to these individuals. Looting trainers and TVs might not be identified as a logical response to unfairness of the society. However, it can be considered as anger in the initiation of action significant in this context, and not in context with what has been done by it.

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