美国论文代写推荐-批判性思维的重要性。批判性思维和分析对文章和报告的结构很重要,在批判性思维的过程中,作者应该有效地解释论点的不同方面。批判性分析是批判性思维的反映过程。它允许研究人员陈述假设并支持所提出的论点。对于批判性分析,需要考虑观点的两个方面。如果只有一个主张,所有的来源都用来支持特定的主张,它将被认为是有偏见的(Langan, 2013)。为了以清晰明了的方式呈现数据,应该有其他的论据。这将使读者了解研究者在提出某种主张时所包含的因素。接下来论文范文美国论文代写推荐-批判性思维的重要性分享给留学生阅读。

Critical thinking and analysis is important for the construction of essays and report. In the process of critical thinking, the author should effectively explain the different aspects of the arguments. Critical analysis is a process of reflection of critical thinking. It allows the researcher to state hypothesis and bolster the argument made. As discussed earlier, it is important for the researcher to factor in all sides of the argument. There are definitive methods that can be followed in order to conduct critical analysis. This can be understood in depth by actual writing process.
From the construction of the individual essay, it was found that some barriers exist in the actual critical process of writing the essay. There is a tendency to be swayed by the arguments made by a certain author (Bove Ã, Thill, & Schatzman, 2003). There is a need to remove emotional affective content. It was found to be difficult to remove emotions from the process and present data neutrally. There are a number of actual implementation issues. Sometimes personal bias does get in the way of presenting the critical angles of the essay.
For critical analysis, both sides of a viewpoint need to be considered. If there is only one assertion made and all the sources are used to back the particular claim, it will be considered biased (Langan, 2013 ). There should be alternative arguments in order to present the data in a clear and lucid fashion. This will enable the readers to understand the factors that the researcher has included while making a certain claim. From presenting both sides of the arguments and stating real facts, the researcher can add credibility to the essay or report. Non- argument claims are simply facts that do not support any assertion. They are the actual implications of particular events (Cottrell, 2011). From these, non-argumentative, neutral facts assertions and viewpoints are developed.
On speculating about various facts involved in the process, it has been found that the issues of clarity should be maintained. In some cases of essays and report, many information gets muddled and there is overall confusion in presenting the data. This can cause issues to the reader. This will make the whole work not readable (Kolour, and Yaghoubi, 2015). There should be clarity of thought and reasoning by the researcher for the researcher to write clearly. It should ensure that there are clear strategies of development of the essay prior to actually writing the essay. There should be an outline developed from which the essay should be constructed based on the differing views, facts and assertions. From this, if the researcher draws certain claims, it will considered to be clear and relevant.

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